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Hers To Me The home page of Naamleela Free Jones, who is the youngest daughter of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. From her birth, and throughout her life, Naamleela has been the recipient and bearer of extraordinary Blessings from her father, Adi Da Samraj. Her upbringing was that of a "Brahmacharini", one devoted to the study of God, studying under the guidance of her Spiritual Master and father, Adi Da Samraj, and practicing the Spiritual disciplines that He teaches.

The COTEDA Institute Inspired by the wisdom of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, the COTEDA Institute works toward creating global progress, global agreements, and global harmony on the basis of three spiritual principles:

  • The COTEDA principle: COoperation through Transcending Ego and through Divine Assistance
  • The TOTEDA principle: TOlerance through Transcending Ego and through Divine Assistance
  • The PECOTO principle: PEace (and global accord altogether) through self-transcending, spiritually aided COoperation and TOlerance

FIRM Inspired by the wisdom of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, the Foundation against Intolerance of Religious Minorities (FIRM) advocates the human, social, and civil rights of all religious and spiritual groups, large and small.

The Institute for Real God Inspired by the wisdom of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Institute for Real God was created for the purpose of making genuine spirituality and spiritual practice accessible to as many people as possible. It offers a genuine alternative to the most familiar options of our time: conventional religion, piecemeal, "do it yourself" spirituality, and scientific materialism.

Comparative Spirituality 101 Taken together, all the great wisdom traditions around the world and throughout history offer a wide variety of views on (and experiences of) the nature of the Greater Reality and human potential in the context of the Greater Reality. This site, makes sense of and compare the differing views, drawing from the wisdom of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Particular emphasis is placed on the views of materialism, esoteric spirituality, and exoteric religion.

The Practical Spirituality Press The books offered by The Practical Spirituality Press are based on the wisdom of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. They aim at addressing all the core issues of genuine spirituality and spiritual practice, in a manner that is very easily accessible to readers with no particular background in spirituality or spiritual literature, but whose hearts yearn for Something Greater.

DAbase The title is a play on "database" and "Da". Brent Stuart writes: "This site is for reference. It is an expression of the compiler's appreciation of Adi Da Samraj's Great Gifts to all, and to help make Adi Da Samraj's Wisdom-Revelation available to all."

Beezone Ed Reither provides a collection of articles by Adi Da Samraj and other Spiritual Teachers.

The Four Yogas Edward Plotkin's book, The Four Yogas of Enlightenment, compares and contrasts the Ways of Enlightenment (Avatar Adi Da Samraj), Tibetan Buddhism, non-dual Shaivism, and Nagualism.



De religieuze ambivalentie van het Westen Adi Da Samraj: ""In het religieuze bewustzijn van de westerse mens ligt iets heel negatiefs besloten. Om als westerling religieus te worden, schijn je je te moeten afvragen: "Bestaat er een God?". Dat is echter een volkomen absurde vraag. Ze heeft absoluut niets te maken met een Spiritueel leven. Die vraag gaat over mensen, niet over God. "Bestaat er een God?" is een vraag die blijk geeft van een gemoedstoestand van mensen waarvoor ze verantwoordelijkheid moeten leren dragen. De vraag op zich hoeft helemaal niet beantwoord te worden."


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