The Nature of Reality: Perfect Happiness is Perfectly Possible


Reality is fundamentally Subjective in nature, not objective

Avatar Adi Da Samraj indicates that the true nature of Reality is the exact reverse of the common materialistic viewpoint these days that suggests consciousness is an emergent phenomenon, a side effect of material reality (in particular, the material brain); rather, a single, Divine Consciousness is Primal, and the apparently purely objective material universe (including all beings) arises out of that Consciousness in a manner analogous to a dream arising in the consciousness of the dreamer.

Even right now, there are some interesting observations we can point to that are consistent with our actual (but as yet un-Realized) Identity as the One and Only Divine Consciousness.

Consider the fact that, except for a few unfortunates suffering certain forms of schizophrenia, each of us has the sense of being "one being" continuously. And yet there are all kinds of evidence that we are comprised of multiple personalities!

Have you ever gone through the cycle of going on a diet; then bingeing and putting the weight back on; then going on a diet; then bingeing and putting the weight back on. . . Is this the sign of a single, integrated personality? Hardly. The simplest explanation is that there are literally two personalities present. You could call one "the mind", "the idealist", "superego / conscience", etc., and the other could be called "the body", "the pleasure seeker / pain avoider", etc. And these two personae take turns calling the shots, making decisions and commitments, and stepping on each other's toes (when the other isn’t looking)!

Of course, many astute observers of the human psyche have developed views of human beings having such multiple personalities, and differ only as to what their names are and how the boundaries are drawn, starting from Freud (with his "id", "ego", and "superego"), to Minsky and his “society of mind”, etc.

But the curious thing is that, despite the evident existence of these multiple personalities, our sense of the singleness of our own existence (except, as I said, for certain unfortunate schizophrenics) persists right through all this ballyhoo. And that sense of singleness is even beyond the group member we might call the "public relations persona", that apologizes for the commitment made by another persona yesterday; making amends for the commitment broken by yet another persona the day after; and generally tries to present the illusion of a single unified personality to the “outside world”, and deal with the mess that is created by the society of personae, not necessarily always acting in cooperation with each other.

Not for one moment is the sense of the continuity of our own existence interrupted by all this turmoil caused by this or that persona. Why? Because our True Identity is Consciousness Itself, which ceaselessly remains Itself, the Deep part of the ocean, unperturbed by the motion of the waves on the surface. At least this much of our True Identity (and the Freedom that is its companion) "bleeds through" to our current sense of Reality.

Of course, all kinds of other phenomena are much more easily accounted for as well by this view. ESP, precognition, telekinesis, all make much better sense when the entire universe is understood to be arising in a single Consciousness. For instance, rather than some complex "TV transmitter"-like explanation of ESP, if, for a moment, someone simply momentarily was that other person (because this is the nature of Consciousness: It is being every one and every thing in every moment), of course they'd know what that person was thinking or feeling, in the same immediate manner in which that person knows their own thoughts and feelings.



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