The Different Types of Human Destiny and Spiritual Realization


Realization involves discriminating, in feeling,
between "God" and (the activity of) "self"

The Transmission of the Spiritual Master is what makes Realization (with a capital "R") possible. In the every day practice of the devotee, the constants that stand out are the feeling of "self" and the feeling of God. It is the "feeling of God" that allows the entire process to proceed. Put simply, the blissful, all-Pervading feeling of God stands as the Bright Canvas upon which the activity of "self" is painted (as sensations in body, emotion, mind, and breath, as well as the primal sense and act of separateness that is the self-contraction itself). It is only by way of that contrast, between Bright and dark, between the Limitless and the limited, between the Happy and the un-Happy, that we discover, first, the incredible limit that "self" represents on the scale of our ultimate potential; second, the capacity to feel to, through, and beyond the "self" sensations to God; and third, the nature of self as activity that can be transcended.

Because the Ultimate Realization is "There Is Only God", and because this is true even now (only we haven't yet Realized it), genuine practice, from the very beginning, is founded on this discrimination in feeling, this sifting out what is "self" and what is God, and surrendering "self" to God. God is already all-Pervading, even at the beginning of genuine Spiritual practice. Because God is all-Pervading, and therefore pervades every fraction of our self-contracted and suffering body-minds even now, and in every moment, if you were given the means for doing so:

Why not always choose to feel God in that locus of space-time
occupied by our body-mind, rather than feel the pinch of self?

That is the “freedom in place” that absorption of the body-mind (and all its parts) in God brings about. We can develop the liberating capability to consciously allow the Divine Person to stand as us, to stand in our place and be us.

The Way of Adidam is all about feeling; the capacity to feel unreservedly must be restored. And — feeling is feeling. Spend a lifetime numbing oneself from the pain of a mortal life, and one can't help but have desensitized oneself to the feeling-awareness of God as well. RE-sensitize oneself, restore one's willingness to feel and one's capability to feel and be certain that one will feel the pains of life profoundly. And it will only be the further feeling through all that to God, that will allow us to endure the course of ever-increasing feeling-vulnerability, necessary for locating (in feeling-awareness) the primal pinch:


This is Wisdom: Always relax into the pains and circumstances of experience, and so remain in Communion with Me, rather than in confrontation with the modifications of life. Surrender to Me, rather than react to experience. Do this consistently, under all circumstances, and thus remain always with Me and disposed toward loving self-release in all relationships. This is the human foundation of morality.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, See My Brightness Face To Face


What is the "feeling of God"? What does the direct Revelation of God feel like? It is hard to put the ineffable into words. It is not for lack of Reality but because of the difficult-to-describe to indescribable nature of the pure Revelation that there is a difficulty. Chinese tradition has it that Lao Tsu, the author and Realizer who wrote the famous Chinese text, the Tao Te Ching, was coerced, reluctantly, by a friend to write something for the sake of all his fellow beings, and he began the Tao Te Ching with the line, "The Truth that can be written is not the Truth."

The best way, of course, to answer the question, “What does God feel like?”, is by putting yourself in a position to receive that wordless Revelation yourself, by entering into a Spiritual relationship with Avatar Adi Da Samraj. But the following passages may help inspire and move you to do exactly that.

In The Varieties of Religious Experience, William James singles out a few experiences that are of great interest to him because they seem to be very "pure", in the sense that they don't make references to this or that tradition, or this or that effect or miracle, but simply to the Presence of God:


Quotes compiled by William James:

William James
William James

"I remember the night, and almost the very spot on the hilltop, where my soul opened out, as it were, into the Infinite, and there was a rushing together of the two worlds, the inner and the outer. It was deep calling unto deep, the deep that my own struggle had opened up within being answered by the unfathomable deep without, reaching beyond the stars. I stood alone with Him who had made me, and all the beauty of the world, and love, and sorrow, and even temptation. I did not seek Him, but felt the perfect unison of my spirit with His. The ordinary sense of things around me faded. For the moment nothing but an ineffable joy and exaltation remained. It is impossible fully to describe the experience. It was like the effect of some great orchestra when all the separate notes have melted into one swelling harmony that leaves the listener conscious of nothing save that his soul is being wafted upwards, and almost bursting with its own emotion. The perfect stillness of the night was thrilled by a more solemn silence. The darkness held a presence that was all the more felt because it was not seen. I could not any more have doubted that He was there than that I was. Indeed, I felt myself to be, if possible, the less real of the two."

"The impression had been so profound that in climbing slowly the slope I asked myself if it were possible that Moses on Sinai could have had a more intimate communication with God. I think it well to add that in this ecstasy of mine God had neither form, color, odor, nor taste; moreover, that the feeling of his presence was accompanied with no determinate localization. It was rather as if my personality had been transformed by the presence of a spiritual spirit. But the more I seek words to express this intimate intercourse, the more I feel the impossibility of describing the thing by any of our usual images. At bottom the expression most apt to render what I felt is this: God was present, though invisible; he fell under no one of my senses, yet my consciousness perceived him."

"God surrounds me like the physical atmosphere. He is closer to me than my own breath. In him literally I live and move and have my being."

"I have the sense of a presence, strong, and at the same time soothing, which hovers over me. Sometimes it seems to enwrap me with sustaining arms."


The words of the Divinely Realized Spiritual Master Himself make this "Feeling of God" more precise, communicating, as they do, the “God’s Eye” View of what is occuring:


Avatar Adi Da SamrajThe principal perception of Me is of My Divine Spiritual Body, "Located" through the sense of touch – subtly, but even in the context of gross physical (or gross bodily) awareness. Therefore, that tangible Spiritual experience of My Love-Bliss-Presence, Surrounding and Pervading the body-mind, is possible, and, indeed, necessary [for genuine spiritual practice], even in the context of gross [i.e. physical] embodiment. . . .

My Divine Spiritual Body can be tangibly experienced Surrounding and Pervading the body-mind, My Love-Bliss-Presence Crashing Down, even in the gross bodily sphere. Therefore, this perception of Me through Love-Bliss-Touch is the basic, and always most immediate, Spiritual perception of Me. Whether or not any other experiences arise . . . I can always be "Located", and, altogether, felt, via, and As My Tangible Touch, My Divine Body of Love-Bliss Touching, Descending into, Surrounding, and Pervading the body-mind. Therefore, the experience of My Tangible Touch is the immediate potential of My any devotee who enters into Spiritual Communion with Me. . . .

The Spiritual Process in My Company is not a matter of going "up". It is a matter of Melting "down". . . .

The paradox of the Spiritual Process in My Company is that, in your reception of Me, "you" are gone, forgotten. You are simply an openness, without egoic self-reference.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Hridaya Rosary (Four Thorns Of Heart Instruction)



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