The Different Types of Human Destiny and Spiritual Realization


The Perfect Realization and
the Ultimate Human Potential and Destiny:
The Perfect Happiness of "There Is Only God"


To have no greater sense of Reality than the physical is to be like a trapped rat, trapped on all sides. You just cannot endure the confinement of mere mortality your heart cannot accept it, you see. To be in that disposition, to have that sense of Reality, is obviously a disturbance. So, obviously, the human being requires a Way not merely a way out. A way out, yes in some sense but, for the integrity of your existence, you need direct access to the Divine, even as a matter of ordinary sanity.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
in Carolyn Lee, Ph.D.,
The Promised God-Man Is Here



You must, while alive, find out fundamentally what this is all about. Ultimately, you must find the Source of all this everything that you are experiencing, everything that seems to be happening to you. Otherwise, you're just caught up in a pattern, you're allowing your life to be dictated by a pattern. And there's not a lot of good news to say about organisms of your type in the pattern of things. Haven't you noticed? It's all difficult and brief and who-knows-what . . .

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


These two views on what our greatest potential is as human beings
the traditional religious view and the materialistic view sell us far short of our true potential. But because of the widespread political and social influence of these viewpoints, we seldom here of a greater alternative, and tend to simply "go with the flow".

If each of us is the Divine Consciousness, mistakenly trapped in identification with a limited body-mind and perpetuated in that identity through an unconscious, moment-to-moment act of separation, then our greatest potential is to be restored to the Position and Identity of Divine Consciousness.

This is an infinitely greater destiny than the purposes we tend to organize our lives around (to the extent that we even have a conscious purpose to our lives), or that tends to happen to us (if our lives are more the "go with the flow" type). Avatar Adi Da Samraj once humorously said, "if you go with the flow, you go down the toilet!" It is an observation worth considering.

This Greater Destiny and Ultimate Realization stems from the understanding that each apparently separate being is the one Divine Consciousness, trapped in a mistaken but self-perpetuating identification with a limited body-mind.

Gautama Buddha
Gautama Buddha

It's something like dreaming, where, except for the occasional "lucid dream", we are certain that the dream is real and actually happening; we take the dream very seriously, and act accordingly, until we wake up and realize that we were in our beds the whole time, and are completely free of the implications of the dream. It is for this reason that the Buddhist tradition refers to Gautama the Buddha as "The Awakened One".


If one simply awakens from the dream, then, as the waking state is already free of the "awful" that appears in dreams, one is already free of the implications of the billions upon billions of deaths that can be dreamed. The one who understands is simply one who is awake. Such a one has no other specific and necessary peculiarities. Such a one is not elaborate at all. It is the one within the dream who is very complex, because he or she has so many things to do. . . . Such a one may seem extraordinary and a paradox to the dreamer, because the dreamer is very serious about all of this, but the one who is only awake is not serious about it anymore. . . The Divine Self is not behind all that appears. The Divine Self is this, without a doubt. There is no separateness whatsoever. Therefore, Divine Self-Realization is entirely compatible with human existence. One who is Divinely Self-Realized is no longer suffering, no longer inward, no longer award. The dilemma is gone.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Method of the Siddhas


There Is Only God is the Great Realization: a perfect, indivisible Unity of Consciousness and all that is arising in It. There is no other, and therefore no center, no boundary to Divine Self, no inside, and no outside. Thus this Greatest of Realizations in no way corresponds to anything we are familiar with as "experience", because there is no separate experiencer experiencing an experience. All apparently separate things and beings are instantly tacitly recognized as modifications of one's Own Consciousness.

The Awakening to Most Perfect Identity with the Divine Being is the Restoration to complete and eternal Happiness, because all separation the source of unhappiness has been transcended.


All beings are always already Happy. You always know, at this very moment, you know exactly, what it would be to look and feel and be and act completely Happy. Yet your attention is wandering from that Happiness, wandering into the objects of self-contraction, the dilemma, the problem, the troubles, the fear, sorrow, anger, mortal pursuits, obsessions, desires, consolations of mind, emotion, body. That is why you are un-Happy.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Bodily Location Of Happiness


But the One who is Perfectly Happy cannot be conceived in ordinary terms, because, despite the continued (peripheral) association with a human bodily form, there is no separate being there. It is not someone feeling "very connected" to everybody and everything else (although that is a good Realization along the way to Ultimate Realization). The Ultimate Realization which could be described variously as Most Perfect God-Realization, Most Perfect Enlightenment, or Complete Awakening from the dream of conditional existence is far more profound. One has to consider what exactly it means to have awakened out of this "universe dream" altogether, and to awaken as the Conscious Dreamer of all this:


There is nobody here. . . nobody like you. Not here any more! Totally absent! . . . I am not a "me". I literally am you. I am your psyche and mind. I am your being, your destiny, your ego I am all selves. Literally. Not metaphorically. I know this for certain because I am you! I am full of all space-time, all bliss, all wonder. All the marvels of being are in My Being. . . . And all miracles are potent in My Heart. . . . All time is obvious to Me.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


It is a great paradox, a great miracle, and a great aid to all of us still suffering, that one who awakens is still also (peripherally) associated with a human form that we can see, and to whom we can readily relate. While still alive, God appearing in human form for that is what such an Awakened One is can perform utterly unique functions:

  • The Revelation of God is constantly being directly Transmitted and Revealed through that form.

  • Besides the unending, wordless Transmission of Reality that ceaselessly pours out of the body of the Spiritual Master, this association of the Divine with a human form allows that form to be (literally) "a P.A. system for the Divine" as Avatar Adi Da Samraj once put it humorously, a Source of Communication and Teaching straight from the very Heart of Reality.

  • Because He (or She) is God, and all space-time, and all beings are arising in Him, by a simple act of attention (via His human form), He can literally become anybody. He can then get a perfect reading of their state in that moment their thoughts, their emotions, their physical state, everything. But, more than that, such a Realizer is the means by which the actual Spiritual process is progressed in His devotees: He literally becomes them and then lives God as them. All that is required on their part is that they yield their body-minds to Him to His Transmission thus allowing Him to enter, pervade, and wash the otherwise ego-separative being. (Many times I have experienced my Spiritual Master putting His attention on "me", and feeling my "self" dissolve in His Bliss.

Given that God-Realization, the Realization that "I Am God, and there is Only God", is our Ultimate potential, we can clearly say some things about the progressive Realizations that occur as milestones along the way, from the beginning of genuine spiritual practice to the Ultimate Awakening:

  • Unlike an experience, a Realization of any degree involves a fundamental and permanent shift in one's sense of (and conclusions about) reality.

  • Realization involves self-transcendence and a series of permanent shifts in identity until the Ultimate Divine Identity is Realized.

  • Realization involves a qualitative shift in self-understanding (since it is the activity of self that is keeping one locked in one's current limited sense of Reality).

  • Realization involves learning how to accurately discriminate in one's feeling-awareness between the limited feeling of "self" and the Unlimited Feeling of "God".


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