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Avatar Adi Da SamrajI offer you a relationship, not a technique.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


True Spiritual practice that leads to actual Spiritual Realization is not based merely on a belief system, and a set of rituals or techniques. Spiritual practice that bears fruit is always based on the Spiritual relationship between the Spiritual Master and the devotee.

  • The Guru-devotee relationship is the secret of all the great Spiritual Traditions — Visions, manifestations, and miracles of various kinds all indicate the existence of the Greater Reality, and inspire the longing for God and Perfect Happiness. But the Spiritual Master is the only steady, “embodied” form in which the Awakened State appears in the dream. It is only this unceasing, relentless Transmission of the Spiritual Master that allows the process of Awakening to proceed to completion. The force of the ego takes time and great Counter-Force to transcend, and cannot be undone solely by an occasional vision or experience of the Divine now and then.

  • Divine Distraction is the nature of the Guru-devotee relationship The liberating relationship between the devotee and the Spiritual Master is by nature, a devotional relationship. Love Itself, Happiness Itself, God Himself, is appearing through the form of the Spiritual Master, and the devotee very naturally and spontaneously falls in love with That One — not the human being in himself, but the One Who is being Revealed transparently through that egoless human form. The character in the dream is more and more distracted from the dream by the supreme Attractiveness of the Awakened State in the form of the Master; Waking from the dream thus occurs not by any kind of self-effort per se, but by this responsive and ego-transcending Divine Distraction. Communion with (and absorption in) God, and ultimately Identification with (and Awakening as) God is the outgrowth of this love relationship with our own True Self appearing in the dream.

  • You become what you meditate on Everything is transmission. The stones transmit, the sky does, the TV does. Since everything and everyone transmits states of existence, since life, or existence itself, is participation in transmissions of all kinds, the best thing you can do is to associate with the greatest possible Transmission above all. . . . That is the great rule, the Great Law, the Ultimate principle of the Great Tradition: You become what you meditate on. That is the way Spiritual Realization occurs: through the relationship with the Spiritual Master, through the Master's Transmission, one ultimately Realizes what the Master has Realized.


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