self-Understanding and self-Transcendence


The hearing capability: the discovery that the self-contraction is our own activity

The Structure of the Ego
FIGURE 1: the structure of the ego

It should be noted that the point of view presented here that our suffering is completely the result of our own activity, and a single, primal activity of separation, at that is radical; it is not common, and is necessarily accompanied by the view that there is an Awakened State. When, for example, various modalities of therapy and “self-help” speak of our suffering as our own responsibility, they are making a different communication. In terms of   Figure 1, which shows the entire egoic complex as a layering of patterns, with the primal act of self-contraction being the root or core act, such therapies are helping patients to reclaim conscious responsibility for otherwise unconscious acts in either of the two outer rings. “I got angry at my boss and expressed it in a destructive way; I can learn to be more relational, feeling my anger but channeling it more constructively.” I could literally provide thousands of examples of this type.

However, none of these get at the very core activity, though many of the therapies are based on "depth psychologies" that acknowledge a depth to a human being, and agree that working at a deeper level provides more leverage. Different psychological models of the ego give different names to its components: Freud's model of the ego as id, libido, and superego; Jung's introduction of archetypal patterning; and so on.

But the Spiritual process being described here pulls the rug out altogether, by focusing on the primal egoic pattern at the greatest depth, which produces the sense of being a separate self. Once one is relieved of the sense of being a separate self in any moment, the entire motivational structure that generates all the rest of the ego “I am a separate self, therefore, I need to defend myself”; “I am a separate self, therefore, this pain is ‘my’ pain and therefore I must try to get rid of it” that entire set of motivations is completely undermined. As Avatar Adi Da Samraj has said, “ ‘You’ are gone, forgotten. You are simply an openness, without egoic self-reference.” Relating to others, functioning effectively, becomes vastly simplified, because all the hidden agendas (“I want them to like me”, “I don’t want to do anything that gets him angry, because I couldn’t take that”, etc.) are being undermined through non-activation.

So understanding of self is a matter of observing the “self” in feeling (not merely intellectually) to the degree that the primal act, the self-contraction, is discovered as one’s activity. That discovery, which Avatar Adi Da Samraj calls hearing, then becomes one’s capability from that point on. In any moment, one can directly locate this activity and feel beyond it, transcending the sense of being a separate self.

Penetrating to the core of the ego and discovering the sensation that is the self-contraction (the sense of being a separate self) is the same as discovering that the self-contraction is one's own activity. The moment of discovery is the moment of freedom, because the instant one discovers that the self-contraction is one's own activity, one can (and will spontaneously) stop doing it. But how do I discover that the sense of separation is my own activity? I have to consciously be the one doing that activity. It can’t be something I am “looking at” from the outside.

Try the following exercise. Sit comfortably, and fold your hands before you in a relaxed position. Allow the body to come to a complete rest, without motion. Now, as you are sitting in this state of awareness, consider this question: “Can I move my hand?” Don’t actually move your hand, though! Consider how you would know the answer to this without moving your hand. It is a feeling matter. You will discover that it involves you feeling your hand through and through. In short, it requires you to consciously and fully be your hand, to consciously “inhabit" it via feeling. In that position, with that feeling-awareness, you know (also from long, remembered experience with actually moving your hand), that, were I to now say "go ahead and do it", you could instantly follow through and move your hand.

Now our hands are something we all already are relatively consciously being whenever we are using them. But now imagine yourself a newborn baby, trying to stand up. You may have children yourself and may recall the scene the wobbly legs, and the falling down. They are not quite fully consciously inhabiting their legs with feeling-awareness they are not quite fully being their legs in the way we adults do inhabit and being, are when we stand up. There is still a lack of “understanding” in being the legs. But over time, they do discover how to “be” the legs. Enabled by that discovery are all the subsequent “leg” discoveries like standing stably, and walking.

In a similar manner, in order to discover the self-contraction as our own activity, it is not sufficient to simply feel it “from the outside”, that is, to merely feel the sense of separation. In that case, we are still not being the one doing it. We actually have to feel more fully, more deeply, until we are being the ego fully (and also feeling through and beyond it into the feeling of the all-pervading Divine) until we are fully inhabiting the entire ego with feeling. It is in this position that we become aware that we are making the fist, and, an instant later we can release it in feeling, by feeling through it and beyond it.


Avatar Adi Da SamrajFeel into that knot of stress. Feel into it and account for it. See it as your own action. Regard Me in that moment, in every moment. And then you begin to feel Me. Then the surrender comes, the self-forgetting comes, the native sense of Non-Separateness is felt. This is actually what I am Calling you to do! Actually to do that. Just to be doing it grants equanimity to you, even bodily, grants equanimity to your speech, your actions, your feelings, because you are registering this depth-point and going beyond it and feeling Me. . . . This is what it means to listen to Me: to be examining this point of contraction in depth, to feel it, and by its unfolding to feel Me. This is not the end of the Way of Adidam. It is the foundation of it. Self-understanding and devotion at depth this is what you must do in every moment. . . .

You are basically trying to feel good. Why would you be trying to feel good if you were not already feeling bad? You must understand that, Natively, you always already feel good. But not the way you are doing it. You are not in the Native Position. You are in the position of the self-contraction. If you would Stand Prior to the self-contraction and feel beyond it, you would always already feel good in the most profound heart-sense. It would not make any great difference how the rest of the body-mind felt, because the body-mind is part of the conditional world and is always subject to negative changes and disintegration and death. But when you are in the heart-place, you are Awake. You always already feel good. Always! Already!

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
in Carolyn Lee, Ph.D., The Promised God-Man Is Here


One of Avatar Adi Da’s devotees describes how she received the Revelation of hearing:

Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani

Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani
with Avatar Adi Da Samraj

During this time, I saw that, no matter how positive or negative or easeful or difficult any moment was, I was always doing the same thing. Through my Beloved Guru’s Divine [Power], I saw that my body-mind was only self-contraction and that it was my own activity. I also saw that my Divine Heart-Master Stands eternally Prior to that egoic activity of mine. And I felt a profound Liberation in being able to effectively resort to Him beyond the mechanism of self-contraction. This was not a mental process — it was a Revelation, a Gift, an Initiation into Communion with Him.

Thus, the Grace of hearing was awakened in me. It was a forceful transformation, granting moment to moment awareness that this mortal dying world, full of pain and suffering, was not the Living Reality. I knew that all beings could now find their Salvation, find the Truth beyond the cycles of birth and death by going beyond this merely materialistic and conventional presumption. At the same time, I felt the dimension of the psyche being exposed and entered into and released, such that its patterns ceased to be an obstruction. The Divine Descent of Beloved Adi Da, His Nectar of Love-Bliss, was dissolving strong habits of the body-mind. Through the Grace of the great Gift of hearing, or the moment to moment capability to transcend egoity, real Spiritual Communion with my Beloved began.

Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani
in Carolyn Lee, Ph.D.,
The Promised God-Man Is Here


Once the capability of hearing is in place, the Spiritual process of Waking Up process is greatly quickened, and capable of completion. The primary obstacle to being Melted Down and Washed by the Divine the self-contraction can now be transcended in every moment.

Having understood and transcended the self-contraction as it manifests on the level of ordinary physical life, we can rapidly bring the physical body to a point of great balance, freeing up much energy and attention. It is at that point that we become clearly aware of the psychic dimension, and the hearing capability now allows us to see how the self-contraction is enacting its separative activity at the level of psyche, creating an apparently separate “soul”, and we practice transcending that separation.

This frees up even more energy and attention, which spontaneously shifts us into the position of the Consciousness prior to the dream. Now we discover how the self-contraction manifests at the "edge of Infinity", how in its most primal form it dissociates Consciousness from the dream. In the perfection of the hearing capability, that most primal form and act of separation is understood and transcended, and we are completely Awakened to the One Divine, non-dual Reality, the awareness that there is only God.



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