Spiritual Realization Requires a Spiritual Master


Spiritual Realization requires a Spiritual Master

An ancient text says: "Mankind does not know. Only the Horse knows." Therefore, you must grasp the tail of the Horse, the God-Realizer. . . . The Horse takes you I take you Where there is to go.

Avatar Adi Da Samrak

The highest human potential is God-Realization, the complete awakening from this "dream" of limited existence, as the One in Whose Consciousness the dream is arising. And the way to perfect Realization of God is through a moment-to-moment process of communing with God, by feeling God and self, and feeling beyond self to God.

But how does one find and feel God for real? All the wisdom traditions of humankind point to a single answer: we locate God through the Transmission of a Spiritual Master. So the "how" of Realizing God actually has a simple answer: find a genuine Spiritual Master and become a devotee of His or Her Spiritual Transmission. To Realize God most perfectly to awaken completely from the dream of limited existence, rather than moving to a somewhat better "realm" within the dream requires linking up with the Transmission of a Divinely Realized Spiritual Master.

  • The Need For a Spiritual Teacher and Teaching There are so many ways to misinterpret what we are experiencing, and to get stuck at some point, and fail to grow further for lack of an accurate and complete roadmap.

  • The Need for a Spiritual Transmission Master The genuine process of Spiritual practice has been so carefully guarded by the esoteric circles in which it was practiced, that few people are aware nowadays that the primary function of the Spiritual Master is not to "rap out" a Teaching or philosophy, but to Transmit the Revelation of the Divine, to literally communicate the Nature of Reality via the vessel of their own body-mind.

  • The Need for a HUMAN Spiritual Master A human Spiritual Master (in contrast with higher forces or powers or forms of the Divine of a nonhuman kind, or the Deity in Ultimate Form) is needed to mediate the Transmission of God, and radiate it in a form that is perceivable and conductible by other human beings.

  • The Need for a LIVING Human Spiritual Master Even with the accurate, detailed road map of a genuine Spiritual Teacher's Written Teaching; even with the seeming "gap" between God and man being bridged by a Transmission Master of the ultimate degree; and even with that Master being in like human form, perfectly tuned to Transmit God to similarly structured beings even with all these gifts, the ego, simply through sheer, idiot force of habit, will tend to throw the gifts down the toilet. As the great Indian Saint, Sri Ramakrishna, put it: what is required is a Spiritual Master who, once you "hire" Him (or Her) to "cure" you, will grab you by the neck and force the medicine down your throat, no matter how much kicking or screaming you do. Avatar Adi Da Samraj puts it like this: "Dead Gurus can't kick ass."




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