Spiritual Realization Requires a Spiritual Master


The need for a Spiritual Transmission Master


Avatar Adi Da SamrajWhat is required to wake up? What can you do within the dream to wake up? Nothing. There is only the waking itself. All actions within the dream are forms of the dream itself. Waking is another process, and it occurs by other means, by already conscious means. The Guru is not a symbol, a condition of the dream itself. Such a one cannot wake you up. The Guru is the Light of Consciousness, the very Self, already awake, functioning alive. The Guru appears in human form within the dream of life, not to console you, but to awaken you through the crisis of real consciousness. The true Guru is a frustration to the unconscious condition of the dream. . . . The waking state is simply a "radically" different condition from the dream. That is why you feel free of the dream upon waking. The Guru appears in the midst of the dreams of ordinary waking life like sunlight in the morning. When you are still dreaming, still asleep, the sun comes up. It gets brighter and brighter, and the light comes into the room. At last, the light, the day itself, becomes sufficient to wake you, and then, all of a sudden, you are not dreaming, and everything is all right. The Guru is simply that sunlight process, that intensification, rising on you always, without any other special activity. The Guru's relationship to you, your condition of relationship to the Guru, just that relationship, is sufficient to wake you up. It is the kiss of the Prince and Sleeping Beauty. Such is understanding.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Method of the Siddhas


The genuine process of Spiritual practice has been so carefully guarded by the esoteric circles in which it was practiced, that few people are aware nowadays that the primary function of the Spiritual Master is not to "rap out" a Teaching or philosophy (in comparative religion circles these days, Jesus and Gautama the Buddha are hardly discussed in any other terms than as great teachers!), but to Transmit the Revelation of the Divine, to literally communicate the Nature of Reality via the vessel of their own body-mind.

A momentary Intervention by Divine Grace, in one of the few "million dollar moments" of a human lifetime, allowed by an extraordinary conjunction of circumstances that permitted the individual to "relax self" sufficiently, can be very inspirational; but, by itself, it cannot be the basis for a lifetime of practice, and certainly not the means to take one from identification with the body to identification with the Divine.

A Spiritual Master is needed as a steady, unrelenting source of Divine Revelation. The ego-activity is a habit that asserts itself, moment to moment, with a lifetime (or lifetimes) of practice behind it, and it is only the moment to moment, conscious process of feeling to God beyond self that counters that otherwise automatic clench of separation from God and all. Hence the need for a Transmission that is always available in every moment.

Even then, Spiritual practice won't be easy, because of the profound force of the habit of ego. But it would be absolutely impossible otherwise. No one would be able or willing to endure the intensely ego-frustrating and heat-generating course, without the ameliorating, steady, cooling Bliss of Divine Communion.


Realization is a Transmission. Various apparent efforts can be made to serve it, but no one can Transmit or influence others with anything other than the state of Realization or the limit of existence that is real for that one. Everyone transmits. All of you are transmitters. You reinforce these limitations in one another and you transmit them to one another. Each one of you emits invisible forces that are locked up in limited messages that reinforce the same limitations in others . . . Realizers of one or another degree of Spiritual development likewise by nature spontaneously Transmit what they are. . . . Those less evolved Transmit their Realization, and those more evolved Transmit their more advanced Realization, and those who have Realized That Which Is Inherently Perfect Transmit That. It is inevitable, and it is an absolute law. That is why it is said in the traditions that the best thing you can do, among all the things you must do and you must do many things but the best among them, the chief among them, is to spend time in the Company of a Realizer. Everything is transmission. The stones transmit, the sky does, the TV does. Since everything and everyone transmits states of existence, since life, or existence itself, is participation in transmissions of all kinds, the best thing you can do is to associate with the greatest possible Transmission above all. . . . That is the great rule, the Great Law, the Ultimate principle of the Great Tradition.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, See My Brightness Face To Face


Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Transmission is something He is consciously doing in every moment, in relation to all beings:


My experience is every one. I Extend out and I Touch you. When My Divine Spiritual Body Extends out, Its Touch Touches every one. Every one has felt My Spirual Touch, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. I am Touching everyone now.

If you were to lie down and extend your body and touch someone's body, he or she would feel it. Well, I am Extended everywhere like that. I am Experiencing all as My own Form. What I am Doing is the Yoga [Spiritual Practice] of My own Form. I am Doing the Yoga for all.

It is a unique Siddhi [Spiritual Power] . . .

All is in My View, My Touch-Field.

No one is unfamiliar to Me.

No one feels as an "other" to Me.

All is in My Sphere.

That suggests How I Work.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, in Adi Da: The Promised God-Man Is Here




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